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Strengthening and developing the skills of children and

adolescents in various aspects of scientific and practical life

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Bunyan Sprouts project

This project aims to build a creative and conscious generation who is capable of practicing self reliance and development and that’s through many types of training and awareness centered activities. Those activities entails developing all the scientific, intellectual, social, and psychological traits of children and youth. We also strive to strengthen the sense of belonging for children and youth by building a safe and supportive environment for them so that they are able to integrate into the hosting community with dignity

Child Training

Training that targets children

The little inventor

The little inventor is an activity that involves a part of the scientific experiments that are usually useful for children (physical, chemical, and engineering experiments). We seek to scientifically expand children’s skills and increase children’s knowledge about sciences and the way they emerged. We also spot the light on the most up-to-date inventions in the current era and our goal with that is to stimulate innovation and creativity of children transferring the notion that energy and intellectuality are not limited

The little Muslim

The child learns through this activity some hadiths and Qur’an verses in addition to some Sunna rituals and jurisprudence of Islam. We also spot the light on some Islamic holidays and events like prophetic miracles, Islamic conquests, Eid Al-Adha, and others.


How they became great!

Our mission depends on the principle of good example human beings respect promotion within our children’s minds and life. It was important to get children to know some international historical figures who left a great impact on our life through centuries. The figures were chosen with regards to their fingerprint in astronomy, medicine, and humanitarian contribution to the world. The methodology was based on stories telling and narration of the character’ life, achievements, and impact. One planned outcome for the activity was to encourage children to be positive doers in their society starting from their surrounding community. 

The little writer

It is crucial to work on the linguistic part of our children in terms of Arabic language comprehension and usage. For that, we conduct activities concerned with sharpening literary and linguistic skills like the training of fast reading which was organized by our voluntary team and it targeted children. Other activities of inventive writing skills were organized also in addition to many other activities


Youth Traning

To build a generation is a huge deserving fidelity

Driven by our vision, building the human, we decided to pick all the modern and useful strategies that would help our youth develop and follow up with contemporary sciences. We have been conducting a variety of training sessions with the aim of intellectual development and skills sharpening added to life experience maximizing. Some psychological discharge activities were organized too

Talents and Art

It is important for us to work on the innovative and artistic facets of our youth girls. Art is not only a hobby, but it has a lot of professional and psychological impact attached to it. Believing in that, We have conducted a training about string art as an activity for youth girls serving as a psychological discharge. We also conducted a decoupage art training targeting youth girls who had the opportunity to invest in this art to become a profitable profession. 

We use this traineeship to develop the sense of collaboration among girls when they help each other and share ideas. Youth girls spontaneously learn about collective work while having their personal space for innovation


Self-awareness and psychological support series

We believe in providing a safe and healthy environment to our society within the hosting community. Based on that, we have released a set of multi-aspects training sessions targeting youth which were intended to help them build their selves and sustain psychological health. We also try our best to make youth understand their feelings and sense to overcome bullying and be capable of interaction with others removing the obstacles in the process of confidence building. 


Life and intellectual skills series

This is a set of training that is intended to promote intellectual development and self-awareness recognition to help youth understand the professional life present ahead of them.  The training also aims to help the integration of youth in the society and to stimulate their innovative thinking. Many topics were covered including effective communication methods, presentation skills, and problem solving techniques which were essential to support youth having a positive attitude toward their community

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The headquarter in Nasr City: Hafez Ramadan Street, a branch of Ahmad Fakhry street

The First Settlement: the ninth neighborhood, next to the housing and building bank, villa no415

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El-Obour city: the first district, next to Mecca mall

Helwan: the crossroads of Zaki Ali Reyadh Street, in front of Atwa pharmacy 

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