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Gheras Al-Mostaqbal Project

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 Gheras Al-Mostaqbal Project

People with special needs are individuals who are capable of living life in a totally natural manner when they get help from the surrounding community. They are people just like us, but god has given them special and distinctive talents. As Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation believes in building the human, We took the commitment to support them and their caregivers by providing what is needed for them to move up in the world.  

Who we are ?

Gheras Al-Mostaqbal Project is under the supervision of Bunyan Al-Mostqbal for development and services Foundation which is concerned with humanitarian and and development work in Egypt

? What are our services? Who are our beneficiaries

Gheras project provide sessions for:

(psychological and speech therapy, skills development, behavior modification, and family guidance) for people with special needs and ordinary children who have some speech and talking troubles

Services and sessions that we provide

psychological support and therapy sessions

We care about conducting these sessions in alignment with speech therapy sessions for the treatment of children who may have psychological disorders which is quite common these days. Some of these disorders can be anxiety, fear, sleep disorders, eating and digestion disorders, disruptive behaviors, aggressive manners, hyperactivity, emotional defects, withdrawal, and many other disorders


speech therapy

It includes providing speech and language modification sessions for people with special needs and ordinary children who have some speech and talking troubles like lisps, hyponasal speech, linguistic growth tardiness, and others

It also targets children with congenital abnormalities that cause alphabetical pronunciation and word forming disorders like harelips, cleft palates, jaw deformity, and teeth deformity. 

Speech therapy sessions also include the treatment of distortion of speech, dyslexia, and linguistic forms scarcity

behavior modification session for children

These sessions encompass deeply studied strategies for behavior modification focused on solving the problems of behavioral disorders which mothers may face with their children at home like stubbornness, stealing, jealousy, fingers sucking, violence, introversion, shyness, and others

capacity building for children

We work towards empowering children to rely on themselves and achieve their potential in a manner that helps them with process of community integration and interacting with peers and parents.

The capacity building sessions are based on ad hoc plans designed by our specialists for having an integrated therapy outline guaranteeing best results during specific timelines.

Our capacity building sessions involve thinking and concentration, imitation, communication, orders obeying, problem solving, memory enhancement, kinesthetic, and many other skills


Family guidance sessions

We organize these sessions periodically in our centers saying that building the human and family in general is our mandate. We provide support and guidance to parents helping them dealing with their children with modern methodologies. These sessions mainly concentrate on uplifting the spirit of mothers in a simulative and developmental approach to achieve progress on the personal and functional levels of mothers when raising their children

We emphasize on our role of communication with parents so that each case be measured and monitored effectively.

All of that happens within our training sessions and workshops which have the most in demand topics regarding this major. We target parents, teachers, and interested people with the effort of highly qualified trainers and specialists

:How it works in Gheras Al-Mostqbal Project

The project is supervised by our team of speech, capacity building, and psychological specialists.

Each case among children is studied separately in terms of assessment, testing, and measurements like

(IQ test – lingual tests – psychological testing – autism tests) 

in addition to many other probation methods that help our specialists plan therapy roadmap to achieve best results in a timely manner. 

This project is implemented

in these centers:


First Settlement


October center


El-Obour center


Helwan center

Let's keep in touch

:Our Centers

The headquarter in Nasr City: Hafez Ramadan Street, a branch of Ahmad Fakhry street

The First Settlement: the ninth neighborhood, next to the housing and building bank, villa no415

The Sixth of October: Vodafone square, mall El-Sewedy

El-Obour city: the first district, next to Mecca mall

Helwan: the crossroads of Zaki Ali Reyadh Street, in front of Atwa pharmacy 

:Our phone numbers

The relief program: 01093935549

The educational program: 01021662411

Media department: 01557648477

Gheras project:  01095159228


Our working hours:

From 10 am to 5 pm: from Sunday to Thursday


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