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Awareness, support and social empowerment of women

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together we level up project

Mothers are essential components of our society and they are the reason behind existing and co-existing. We believe in Bunyan that great things in life are attributed to mothers. Taking into consideration the brutal circumstances and the social, economic, and psychological stress mothers may encounter, we feel committed to alleviate their suffering and provide a supportive safe environment for them. A set of training sessions were conducted through this project with the supervision of our specialist who are interested in psychological support and family guidance


Session types

Our sessions and trainings

zoom : Online sessions via Zoom software

Many mothers strive to perfectly raise their children. They also seek to live a happy life with their spouses. 

Motivated with that, mothers usually search for consultative sessions to help them achieve their life goals. Additionally, many mothers endeavor to develop their selves on the psychological, health, and social levels. Unfortunately, many hindrances may show in their way when they try to go out and get and what they need. We discovered that a good solution would be organizing online consultancy sessions on Zoom software where mothers are able to get support while taking the responsibility of their own life

1. For mothers
  • Dealing with diabetes disease
  • Advice about pregnancy 
  • The power of feelings and negative thinking
  • The four-level of consciousness 
  • Tajweed Basics
2. Education and children
  • ABC of positive children raising
  • Bullying and sexual harassment 
  • Montessori education as a lifestyle
  • Five steps to build my child’s creativity
  • Psychological health of children

Offline sessions

A cup of coffee session :

This one is an interactive, developmental, and awareness centered session within (together we level up project). It includes introduction activities among our society women where an environment of peace, love, and collaboration is created. One hidden goal of this session is to approach our community and understand its urgent needs to respond with suitable actions. It also aims to support these women to overcome life difficulties and help them understand their biases to become community leaders who are doers in their surrounding community

Passion Identification Sessions:

“Don’t love what you do but do what you love”

It is great to turn passion into a profitable gain generating a financial resource, but what if I  do not know my passion in the first place? 

Bunyan Has organized two workshops to help women identify their area of interest and passion

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:Our Centers

The headquarter in Nasr City: Hafez Ramadan Street, a branch of Ahmad Fakhry street

The First Settlement: the ninth neighborhood, next to the housing and building bank, villa no415

The Sixth of October: Vodafone square, mall El-Sewedy

El-Obour city: the first district, next to Mecca mall

Helwan: the crossroads of Zaki Ali Reyadh Street, in front of Atwa pharmacy 

:Our phone numbers

The relief program: 01093935549

The educational program: 01021662411

Media department: 01557648477

Gheras project:  01095159228


Our working hours:

From 10 am to 5 pm: from Sunday to Thursday


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