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The Relief Department at Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation

We may not be able to go to every country, but there are a lot of people around us who deserve to be supported with hope on a daily basis and we aim to build the human

We see in ourselves the white hands that aim to level up the social realities by making the best of the available resources and capabilities to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people starting from the individual as a cornerstone so that one is able to find solutions with our support

Our humanitarian and relief aid program aims to provide emergency assistance in crises in addition to the contribution it makes to enhance basic families’ needs. It also purposes to provide an environment with minimum basic living conditions for humans. We stand together so that each individual can stand by himself and depend on his own will of survival

We target families with specific criteria and our priorities are

  • Orphans
  • Limited income / without a breadwinner families
  • People with special needs
  • Number of family members: 5 and above
  • Families with health issues

Our geographic presence for this project is listed in the following neighborhoods

  • The First Settlement 
  • Nasr City 
  • El-Suez Bridge 
  • Helmyah 
  • Ein Shams 
  • Helwan and other areas

Name on the special exercises in this project, please register, please fill in the following link: Registration link

Future Building Foundation presents

Bunyan Al-Mostaqbal Foundation

provides many relief services with a set of projects

Takatof Project

Our mission includes the notion that we should always seek to be around families that are facing financial difficulties to help them get basics for a life in dignity. This project involves these services

  • Financial aid to impoverished families
  •  food parcels distributed to families with limited income
  • financial aid to orphans
  •  job opportunities provision

Ewaa (Shelter) Project

Bunyan Family believes that new comers and aggrieved people have the right of finding a proper shelter. For that, we seek within this project to provide the needed resources

  • This includes home rent value provision
  • and moving to another better shelter subsidies

Sahatoka Tohemona (We care about your health)

: our services is worthless without considering

the best health conditions of our families. We aim in this project to support our community with these services

  • Medicine provision
  • tests and x-rays expenses
  • doctor visits reimbursement
  • mini surgeries subsidies

Sanad Project

We aim, in collaboration with many Syrian foundations, to maximize the coverage of families in different places and that is through:

  • participation in clothing exhibits 
  • food parcels distribution campaigns
  • shelter rent

All of that happens under the umbrella of The Syrian Assembly for Services and other Syrian foundations

Let's keep in touch

:Our Centers

The headquarter in Nasr City: Hafez Ramadan Street, a branch of Ahmad Fakhry street

The First Settlement: the ninth neighborhood, next to the housing and building bank, villa no415

The Sixth of October: Vodafone square, mall El-Sewedy

El-Obour city: the first district, next to Mecca mall

Helwan: the crossroads of Zaki Ali Reyadh Street, in front of Atwa pharmacy 

:Our phone numbers

The relief program: 01093935549

The educational program: 01021662411

Media department: 01557648477

Gheras project:  01095159228


Our working hours:

From 10 am to 5 pm: from Sunday to Thursday


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